Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Back to 15's

That's right, we've joined yesterday to make some arenas and the result was:

7 wins, 3 losses... and we managed to get back to 1500 bracket. We spent most of the time facing and beating the same team. The 3 losses were against 19xx, 18xx and 16xx teams. We eventually beat the 16xx team the first time we met, gaining 21 rating points :).

Most of the time I was their primary target, it’s becoming very easy to keep all Konni’s up…. resilience is making effect, except when they AoE. Rogues on me are LoL… can’t stand a chance (probably because of my spec - Holy).
We had fun, above all… specially when we met the 18xx on our last arena – 3DKs and 2 Holy Palas, now… go whine about Multiboxing.

450 Fishing Level reached - AYE!?!?!?

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