Sunday, March 22, 2009

4 became 3

No entries last week because... it was a PvP fail week. Me and 5xKonnis played 12 arenas and lost them all, ending up with a 1383 rating and making us both think that our Arenas campaign had got to an end. We knew patch was coming but... our arses got so pwnt that we thought about stop making PvP.
On the other hand, PvE week was great, our guild defeated Sartharion with 3 Drakes up and cleared all content available.

Today 4xKonnis in arena became 3... and a new teammate got into battle: Physicx, a long time friend. Our combo is now 3 Elemental Shamans, 1 Discipline Priest (me) and 1 Holy Pala. The three of us were able to raise the team rating and reach 1608 points and above all... have fun. So, basically, I'll continue to heal a multiboxer... but not all by myself. Let's see how we will perform when patch 3.1 arrives.

Stay tuned...

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